About Kim


Kimberly is divinely guided as a means to assist humanity in moving forward to more ease and grace.
She has been provided certain gifts to help heaven help you.
It is through guided knowledge and vision that she is shown all that is necessary to clear and heal the negativity's of the past to set you free.
Within this life she has helped thousands in their personal lives as well as numerous business owners and sales professionals achieve greater success.
Most importantly, using her intuitive gifts she has learned to identify the hidden causes to people's challenges.
Once identified, she can clear the contributing factors and root of causes helping both individuals and businesses. 

Within this life, She has repaired broken marriages, even when the people she was helping was hopeless, she has given answers to questions left unasked, helped people go on after losing a loved one, helped lost soul's stuck in limbo see the light, given the right advice on business expenditures while not even knowing what the client does for a living, warned of particular jealous people, helped people move on to a better future and opened third eye's to allow people to see the path of a beautiful spiritual journey, and become a psychic healer themselves, made negative energy positive, restored balance, helped to recreate lost pieces to the soul, reunited star-crossed lovers and soul mates, twin flames, and settled karmic debts, saved uncountable lives.

  Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Kimberly, and I specialize in path creation, past lives, soul destiny and life goal, chakra and energy healing, and problem-solving. 
My Soul Destiny is to bring Spiritual Balance, Soul Connection & Awareness of the Spiritual and Cosmic Impact both good and bad could have. 
A reading with me is a different experience then most, I am very honest and blunt, but also very compassionate and nonjudgmental, motivational and advisory.
Please be open-minded and ready to start putting into place Actions in your daily life that will increase actual solution within all life's areas, including but not limited to, love and relationships, friends and family, career and education, finance and investment, religion and spirituality, energy aura, and chakra healing.
I have been called to travel all around the US Connecting with many people, and have around 9 locations that I work with, all though I am currently based in Orlando Florida I have lived in Hawaii to study Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala which is loosely translated to “making right more right, the path.” as well as have traveled out of the country to Japan in 2019 visited many temples -(Chikubu Island, Todai- Ji the Great Buddha Hall, and many more, however one of my favorites was the Yakushi-ji Temple)- and studied their multiple faiths, but chiefly Buddhism. I was raised Catholic, currently attend Christian church, and believe that every religion is meant to connect, more like a continuation or series, and that whether we call the higher power "the universe" or "Allah" or any other name, that it is the same God just by another name. 
I have been working professionally for over 9 years, however, had always had psychic abilities.
People have asked me, "how did you discover your gift?" I have always had my gift, for as long as I can remember.
I thought it was completely normal, like breathing.
Discovering that it was not, only made me more determined to further develop my spiritual abilities.
I then studied palmistry, tarot card readings, and actual psychic reading’s, reiki and the chakra system, master life coaching and became a member of the Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches, after multiple sessions of past life regression, I discovered that within each and every life I focus on healing and teaching.
This is not only my Life dedication but my Soul's Destiny. 
I am now able to tap into the wisdom, of all those lives to help guide and advise those around me. 
We are all Spiritual Beings in the Human world.
Gifted Abilities
Clairvoyance, one of the more familiar psychic abilities involves changing the way you look at things. Instead of limiting themselves, a clairvoyant is able to see beyond the surface to experience a deeper knowing and understanding. As a clairvoyant, I can see past, present & future energy fields (aura’s) around people, places, and objects chakra’s, and pinpoint blocks within spirits, angel guides, ancestors from beyond problems and the solutions
The ability of clear hearing, Clairaudients are highly intuitive people who are able to listen to a voice other than their own when the spirit world transmits a message to them. The message might include particular words, names or phrases, unintelligible sounds or music. As a clairaudient, I can hear msgs from spirits & angel guides vibrational energy fields, frequencies ancestors and past life messages 
The ability of clear feeling, a clairsentient sees through their feelings. It’s so much more than intuition. They get people without having to know them or spend a great deal of time interacting with them. They can instantly understand why someone acts the way that they do and equally understand why you can’t tolerate it. This allows them to do some of what they do best, bring errant perspectives and people together. Clairsentients can get to the core of every situation. They find out what lies behind even the deepest of issues that are coming between a couple. As I Clairsentient I can feel Your emotions, past, present & future energy, aura, and chakra vibrations & frequencies within energy, places & objects the emotions of pets the emotions of spirits, angel guides the emotions of ancestors and past lives
Clair cognizance
The ability of Clear Knowing, much deeper than a hunch, or a gut feeling, the ability of clear knowing is fierce and runs so deep that its a matter of course, as a claircognizant  I know the root of the issue the solution to the problem the exact steps you need to take what has happened in your past lives what your destiny is and how to achieve it who your soulmate is  
  • Amazed by the accuracy and depth of this reading. She really does answer questions that go unasked. In one session she has told me more than others have in three sessions. She types in long paragraphs so you need to be patient, however having experienced a reading with her, i can tell you that this method is preferable to others' who need to be probed constantly for answers -

    Kimberly's level of detail in just one reading will astound you. You must try.

  • I just tried the PAST LIFE READING and it is so worth it!!

    She gave me over an hour of very detailed insights into my past. It's an amazing eye opener. Kimberly is such a deep and detailed Reader, not a lot is amiss with her she is able to pick up on a lot of things only a truly gifted Psychic can. She is now one of my top favorites.

  • could really help me understand why my heart is so broken and soul feels lost and how I can rebuild myself from everything that destroyed me and my life and really helped in what i couldn't find the way to get my life back...wonderful reader and honest and so in depth and knew my pain…..absolutely advise anyone to get a reading from her....such a wonderful reader ;-)

  • WOW...WOW …WOW Her answers made my heart race, I felt scared at how accurate she was. Id be honest...I don't think any one should be gifted with this kind of deep insight. I wish I had the words to describe how blown away I was. AMAZING

  • I wasn't in the best frame of mind to leave a thorough review the other night when I spoke with Kimberly, but the more days that have passed, I am literally astounded at how good she is. I gave her literally no information at all and she was able to pick up on the major events surrounding me right now, and the issues that I need to be working on to heal. She gave me some concrete things to start working on. She never once made me feel pressured or scared.... she is ethical and kind. It does take awhile for her to type out everything because she writes in paragraphs but it's totally worth the wait... just prepare yourself and have a book handy or something so you aren't too nervous or impatient while waiting. Once I complete some of the stuff we talked about, I will be back for a healing session. She is truly gifted.

  • I was having a pretty rough day filled with anxiety and sadness. My reading with Kimberly was amazing and it gave me so confirmation and peace. She is definitely worth her salt and should be viewed as a psychic professional. I am so thankful for her assistance. tonight!

  • She looked inside my soul. She knew exactly who I was and what I am meant to do in life. I can say without hesitation: one of the top 3 true psychics I have ever had the pleasure of meeting even if it is online. Great insight and valuable information and advice. Thank you so much! I so needed to hear all that you told me and I feel better already;

  • She is by far one of THE best readers on bitwine.

    Her energy feels different from the other readers.

    Being an intuitive a bit myself, I sensed that she is not here only for the money. She actually is here to help your SOUL grow. If you are spiritually ready, go ahead and reach out to her.

    Her past life reading was amazing and it showed past habits that were continuing in this life. She is like a teacher, giving you tasks to help yourself, your soul. As a teacher, she does not give you the answer because it is for YOU to find out. A great teacher will guide their students, not show them the answers. The reading was a bit long but the wait was definitely worth it, you have to be patient. Again, this is deep spiritual stuff this is NOT fluff reading. If you are ready reach her out.

  • Wow, i'm speechless. Kimberly is really attuned and connected. She doesn't just give you a predictive reading, she goes to the root of the issue to a much deeper level. Separate to that, she sees what's missing in your spiritual self and is able to coach you on the best path forward. I really am in awe because I'm not looking at just predictions but a bigger picture here. Thank you also for your honesty and generosity with time, very much appreciated.

  • I can't even try to express the catharsis I have experienced with Kimberly. She is without question divinely led. Her clarity, compassion, truth and accuracy are beyond measure. She serves as an example of what humanity truly could aspire to. She has healed a hole in my heart by finally giving me the clarity and space I need to not only understand why, but how to move forward in light myself. No words, truly there are not words I could ever express in print for my thanks. Kimberly is probably the only person I would come to again. I feel truly clear and healed. A billion thanks are not enough.