Azul Throat Chakra candle.


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Set your intentions and see blessings flow from your words. 

as you burn this candle, breathe and release any and all holding you back from speaking your truth, and accuracy the relationships in which you can be at peace and be your authentic self. 

Throat Chakra (The Visudda) is located at the base of the throat (neck). This chakra corresponds with personal expression; the ability to listen effectively and communicate clearly through speech and the written word. When the throat chakra is balanced, one has inner trust, inner reliance and easily expresses their ideas and thoughts. Blue has a calming effect that allows us to connect to higher thought processes and express them.

Each candle is cleansed before I ship out to you, and is made with Love, Light & positive energy. Feel the good vibes surround you!

The Ritual- Set your intention into the candle. Write it down & place it under the candle. Light and manifest!
I AM open and honest in my communication, authentic, and the truth

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  • every package is shipped cleansed, blessed and with love
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