Soul Path / Destiny Diagnosis


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3 diagnostic meditations done over the course of 3 consecutive nights while you are in your own home. Will offer insight into where your soul has been and the themes your soul has been exploring over many lifetimes. This can help you understand the kind of experiences you’re here to have now and the lessons you’re here to learn. Some of these lessons are “big lessons” That you’ve been working with over many lifetimes. At the soul level, we want to be challenged. We want to grow and learn more about ourselves. A soul path meditation will offer insight into the bigger picture. We take a step back and look at your life in the context of your souls larger journey. From here, many people find it easier to understand the choices they’ve made or the difficulties they’ve had to face. It will also offer guidance on what you can consciously work with as well as help explain repeating theme, so you can see the larger pattern in your life and learn the lessons necessary to break the cycle, problem solved, past life karma released, destiny achieved.

Soul healer Kim is a certified life coach and expert psychic with over 10 years professional experience. a psychic reading can be done over the phone or in office, with 98% accuracy. 

text or call 689-688-5759 to schedule your reading! Looking forward to connecting with you!  

  • Every service can be performed worldwide, over phone, video or text with 98% accuracy
  • every package is shipped cleansed, blessed and with love
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